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Zeek updates

Coming off the heals of one of the most talked about Zeek Rewards Updates, the Google Hangout hosted by Kevin Thompson, Phillip Young, Jordan Maglich and Walt Burton, I received an email where yet another of the top level insiders at zBizTeam and Fun Club USA, David Kettner published some bold face lies to the members of the legal defense fund… WHY?


This is a Hangout filmed during a panel discussion about the liquidation process for Zeek Rewards. We assembled a team of legal experts to sort through the challenges posed by this liquidation process. If you were a “net winner” in Zeek Rewards and you’re worried about clawback litigation, we address a number of those questions. If you were a “net loser” and lost more money than you made, we address those questions as well. We hope you find it helpful.

This video gives information that we all are wanting.  It answered questions on the future of Zeek Reward.

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