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From Dave Sharpe

——–Begin Forward———-

It doesn’t take a lot to make an ex-homeless

guy happy.

A decent meal.

A car that doesn’t sputter.

And a luke-warm shower.


We’re really not that hard to please.

But if you want to see 2 ex-homeless guys

have a absolute blast….

…..put them on stage on front of 1,200 roaring

people and let them count out fist-fulls of cold

hard cash….

….$100 bill

….after $100 bill.

Your life isn’t complete until you see it 🙂

For 1,200 people in Atlanta in June, they

witnessed this rare act of homeless guy


….as we counted out $12,000 LIVE….

….and handed it over to Mack Zidan.

See the pictures of us counting out and

handing over the CASH below.

2 ex-homeless guys + $35,000 cash = good times:

Link Here

But even ex-homeless can guys get bored.

And even ex-homeless guys, as simple as they

may be, can begin to think some things in life

are just wussy.

So after discussing it the other day, we decided

that $12,000 was actually kind of wussy.

And that’s when we came up with this….

2 ex-homeless guys + $35,000 cash = good times:

Read It Now…$$$$

I think you’re gonna love that.

let me know your thoughts.

And for heavens sake…..

Just get in already:

Join Here

It’s ONLY $25 bucks.

Even a homeless guy can afford that 🙂

– David Sharpe

“Ex-homeless Guy Gone Wild”

P.S. The conference call you’re about to

listen to on this page was one of, if not the

most historical call we’ve ever done.

Listen to it.

‘Like’ it.

And share it with the world.

Everyone needs to hear it.

You’ll know what I mean when you listen.

Go here, now…

2 ex-homeless guys + $35,000 cash = good times:

Call me 651-330-8032

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