Why Melody Joined Empower Network VS. Past MLM Companies

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Why Melody Joined Empower Network VS. Past MLM Companies


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How many of you have been involved with other MLM companies?


When i was growing up…my parents were involved with 2 companies I can remember.

They would have home parties…set up tables at fairs giving away products….

But they could never build it to a point of making money….maybe $100 from product sales…but no real money.

They had the dream!


Now fast forward to today…and the internet.  When i joined this industry…I had no intention of calling friends and family…I had no intention of having a home party.

I had no intention of going to a hotel meeting and listening to some old guy tell how great his life was….


  • I wanted to learn how to market online.
  • I wanted to sell products across the world
  • I wanted to leverage the internet and have my video/presentation play 1000s of times everyday….from people i never knew.

That is what I have done….but it was not as easy as i would have hoped…

To be honest…I spent my first year buying $18000 of products…

I was looking in all the wrong places….I was watching videos to sell products…


If you want to learn how to become a dentist…..you need to go to school and learn how from people who are experts…right?

Not buy something from someone who never uses the product they are selling.


I have been using a marketing system that pays out 100% on all the products…..and you can not get paid on anything you have not bought and are using….Perfect!

Not only does it teach you how to market, but you get the whole community of people ready to help/teach/mentor.

I wish i had this 6 years ago.

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Get busy….it is not magic!


Anything worth doing right will take work…but are you worth it?

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Why Melody Joined Empower Network VS. Past MLM Companies

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