Why Do People Continue To Work At A Job They Hate

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Why Do People Continue To Work At A Job They Hate?


One of the questions I ask people…is…Do you like your job?


Why are you looking for something else?


The answer is…

  • I do it for a pay check
  • I will not be able to retire if i do not change something


Most people feel stuck….and continue on the daily grind….hating their job…hating their boss…hating the commute.

Wanting something different, but never change anything…


no hype mlm

Can you relate???




Why Do People Continue To Work At A Job They Hate?


Starting a business is not for everyone.   It takes a ton of work… a ton of stress, but I believe there is a better way.


For me I got to a point that I had to take that leap of faith…

I made a video about this here



I knew if someone else was doing it…I could learn how….if someone is making money…I could copy and paste….


The magic thing was I took action and went to work.


When you write out your plan….it is really easy.


You follow this system.


  1. You advertise
  2. You follow up
  3. You build your list
  4. Your follow up with your list
  5. You have products that solve problems
  6. Your get paid
  7. Rinse and repete



So the question is….do you want to learn how?


If you had a system/product that could pay you $2000 every month…would that help you?  Would you do the work to get $2000?


If you got paid $7000 every month…would this be more than you make today at your job?


Would you do the work?


So if you answered YES to these two questions….why haven’t you gotten started?


There are many answers….I have heard them….


It all comes down to you making a decision and getting to work….


Because working a job that you hate…really sucks!

Here is my $$$$$$ Solution.



Why Do People Continue To Work At A Job They Hate?


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