Who Is Rod Stinson?

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Who Is Rod Stinson Review?

Rod Stinson is a veteran of the home business industry.  This post is going to break down who Stinson really is and you’ll see my impressions as an insider in this industry.


who is rod stinson

First off, one of the things I really like about Rod Stinson is that he really has developed into a systems-driven marketer.  He actually comes from a machinist background, and when he develops marketing systems, they are organized, are optimized to convert, and highly effective.

This is true of his two most recent marketing systems…

System #1: Rod Stinson’s Pizza Box Formula Webinar

Rod’s marketing genius created a superb marketing system called the Pizza Box Formula.

And while I really dislike replicated marketing systems, this one is really effective. It costs a one-time $97 fee, which is pretty cool, because nobody needs another monthly fee for a marketing system in my opinion.

But I have to say, without any hype, that this “Pizza Box” webinar is the most effective business opportunity webinar I’ve seen in my 6 years as a full-time internet marketer.  So that’s a strong statement.  Why do I say this?

Because it’s not your typical webinar that explains about the company, and the owners, and what the product is.  It actually contains a lot of advanced marketing psychology — which is why it makes such an emotional impact on everyone I send to the webinar.

Marketing is the most important part of any business online.  Without a GREAT marketing system you will not have the results you are looking for.

Log in Here to See


System #2: Rod Stinson and the Family IQ Opportunity

Rod Stinson has also created a killer marketing system for  a totally unique company in the industry.  This is the first network marketing company with a “family values” product.  I am one of the founding members in Family IQ, and and have created some killer exclusive content for our team.

Family IQ has Rod Stinson’s amazing ultra-high-converting webinar format, plus a top-tier income stacked on top of a residual income compensation plan.

See the webinar HERE


family iq

Love Rod Stinson and the Pizza Box Formula or Family IQ??

What should you do if you love Rod Stinson and the Pizza Box Formula?  Do you think Family IQ might be a better fit? Ask about our discount for joining both if you’re not sure.

Simple, call me. I have some exclusive bonuses for people who want to work with myself and Rod Stinson.  And in addition to the marketing information contained in the course, I can also get you highly targeted online traffic — which will help you create more sales in the Pizza Box Formula business opportunity and/or the Family IQ business opportunity.

Do your research on me.  Look for a real mentor you can trust.


Rod Stinson has weekly marketing webinars teaching you how to market…I simply wash, rinse repeat.   You do not need to be alone online…

Call me to see how I can help you…I do this full time!!!

Chad 651-330-8032

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