What Is The Internet Lifestyle? I Got Paid $4600 While On Vacation In Maui Hawaii

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What Is The Internet Lifestyle?


I posted a survey the other day that had 10 questions….


I was really surprised by the answers…..(People Need Help)


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Here is a questions to think about…..

“69 Things To Do Monday When You’re Not Worried About Returning To Work…”



“What’s your #1 desire to do today, without worrying about returning to work?”


What would you do?


For me…..

  • go for a walk
  • go on a 3 mile run
  • read a few chapters in my new book
  • answer a few emails
  •  make a video
  •  write a new blog post
  • help 2 new people get started on their home business journey
  • go to the bank
  • go on a field trip with my daughter
  • go to the beach…again
  • plan our next camping trip (7-8 every year)
  • organize our new 34 foot camper
  • wash my car
  • have a nap
  • meet a friend for lunch
  •  go fishing
  • listen to a motivation audio


These are a few of the things i do every week.


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internet lifestyle


Internet Lifestyle…..image you having this freedom.




What Is The Internet Lifestyle?


Here is a list of my vacations we have had this year and we are going on…..

  • Austin Texas – 4 day
  • Cancun Mexico – 8 day
  • Chicago – 6 days
  • Maui Hawaii – 8 days
  • camping May long weekend – 4 days
  • Camping June – 3 days
  • Camping July – 5 days
  • Camping August – 4 days
  • California – 8 days
  • Camping September two trips – 7 days
  • Camping Oct. – 3 days
  • Las Vegas – 5 day

That is a total of 65 days of planned time off….65 days of crazy fun….

These trips will cost me $24000 for vacation this year that are planned…..this only possible because of my home business.

Think about it….how would you like to have 2 months off every year to spend with your family?

I never talked about (driving to work)

How many vacation do you spend each year?



I do not share these trips to brag…..only to help you see what is possible.

Life is short…do not waste any more time not having fun and living the life of your dreams.


 Here is a video telling you what happens after you get started…..real people


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Take the survey and get started building your home business….


Get started now….


I got paid $4600 while on vacation in Maui Hawaii

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