What Is A Funded Proposal?

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What Is A Funded Proposal?


This is automation at it’s best….


The upfront profits pay for my advertising…Have you ever heard someone say…I have no money to pay for advertising?

This concept solves this big problem.  And the back end products give me big checks.


What Is A Funded Proposal?

The whole time building this business…

  • I have not made any products
  • I have not set up any websites
  • I have not created any email autoresponders
  • I have not called anyone
  • I have not answered any questions from my leads

Everything is done for me….AND I have a team of Phone Coaches closing all my BIG Sales for me.

Blockbuzz advertising

All I do is manage my ads…..and that takes 30 minutes every day….

Do you have 30 minutes everyday?

I love the term “Earn while your learn”


When you have a product that solves a big problem…you have customers.

Isn’t that what you are looking for?  I know I was…..that is why I bought it.


When you follow a proven system…you make money….but it still takes work…..Right?  this is not a winning loto ticket.

What Is A Funded Proposal?


Go and click and watch the video.


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