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What if?

That’s ALWAYS an interesting question.  

What IF I would have committed myself a year ago? 

Where would I be today?

What IF I opened my mouth and talked to that person about my business?  

Would they be in?

What IF I actually got really consistent and worked my business every day?  

What IF I stepped up and did things I was uncomfortable with instead of avoid them?

What IF I showed up for our national conference?  Would it have changed me?

What IF I followed up instead of dropped the ball on that prospect?

The problem with those kinds of questions is that it leads to a life of…

I wish I could, but…

Life is way too damn short to live a life of regrets, what if’s and I wish I could but I cant’s.  

You deserve greatness in your life IF and only WHEN you step up to the plate and begin to face your demons, your fears and the things that you know are surmountable.  

Sitting on the sidelines watching life and your business pass you by is no way to live.  Life is not a spectator sport.  It wants your participation.  We are designed for greatness.  We are designed to grow, develop and prosper.  

But…not if we sit.  If you sit on your sofa, the only dent in life you make is in the sofa pad itself.  


What if you DO take more action?

What IF it works?

Why not you?

Why not you…now?

Say YES to you.  

If you’ve been hovering in your network marketing business and doing very little or not enough and you KNOW it, then CHANGE!

Get up.  Go in a different direction and put one foot in front of the other.  One step at a time in a new and different direction will change you and change your entire destination, and ultimately, your destiny.


Only YOU can change your business!

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