Want To Make Money Online…..But you Never Do anything…And you Wonder Why You are Broke

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Want To Make Money Online…..But you Never Do anything…And you Wonder Why You are Broke

I made a blog post and emailed it one of my lists…

I had many emails form people and many calls….I must have hit a nerve….

You are broke and you never change….and you wonder why????


start now



take action

That is the secret…take action


Most people never take action…and they wonder why nothing changes.


They bitch and moan to their friends…of how bad things are, but they never look them selves in the mirror…

When is the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and asked a few questions?

I had a guy call me today who is on disability and could not spend $25………that sucks….$25 is not even gas……I filled up on Monday and spent $80….


Google Hangout Tonight….Link below


I had another guy call and say he will start with $25 to see what happens……this is not a lottery ticket…see what happens…


This is the best one so far…..A guy called me…saying he found me on the internet… i told him what business I was building…and said ” I was in that for a while…..

  • I asked him for how log?    He said 2 months
  • I asked him how many blog posts he did ….  He said 5
  • I asked if he did anything else?   He said NO
  • I asked him why he started?  He said he needed to make money…


I made a statement and he did not like it…..Can you guess what i said?


Call me or email me and i will tell you….maybe you already know…..



You want to see why?








TONIGHT 8pm EST Google Hangout

Click the link below to learn how we are getting paid $1000s….




Get Started and stop being BROKE


get started today

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