Using Craig’s List To Grow Your Business

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Using Craig’s List To Grow Your Business


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I made this video to show you more proof that using Craig’s List works….without picking up the phone.


I saw training two weeks ago from our team hangout talking about using Craigs List.  I followed the training and here is proof that it works.

Some ads have done better than others to be transparent with you…but it works.


I understanding your value for your customers….this is very scalable.


On average I get paid $635 on every $25 sale….


So spending $25 on a ad that runs 30 days is scalable…..


Using Craigs List To Grow Your Business


I did the same thing on a funnel system that market to get cash flow and build Empower.  It is called


Instant Payday Network



Do you want more leads?


Here is another affiliate product I use to give me 60 leads everyday.



Push Button Emailer



If you are on the Prosperity team….go and watch the training on using Craig’s list.

It can change your business.


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See how you can get paid $635 on a $25 sale…


Chad 651-30-8032


3 Great ways to make money online….just saying!

Using Craig’s List To Grow Your Business



Income Disclaimer

This is a real business that takes work and education on marketing online…

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