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Video MarketingSince the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, it is then logical and smart for most businesses to carry out their marketing operations online as well. Internet marketing has taken many forms or channels since its introduction, and one type of online marketing that has been gaining popularity in recent years is video marketing.

Video marketing is a promotional strategy that involves the creation of short, informative, and attractive videos about specific products and services. Most of these videos are uploaded in the websites of companies owning the products, or in video hosting sites that receive a lot of traffic. Most of the time, marketing-oriented videos are uploaded in both.

However, one should know that there is a difference between “marketing a video” and “marketing with a video”.

· Marketing A Video. In this, companies or brand promoters are more focused on creating a video that is entertaining rather than informative. The goal here is to create a highly creative and attractive video with chances to go viral once deployed in a video hosting site that receives heavy traffic. One such site is Youtube. Videos that fall under this category are basically commercials aimed at piquing mass interest.

· Marketing With A Video. Videos under this category are the informative ones and which are oftentimes posted in the company’s official website. A good example will be real estate companies trying to attract clients with videos detailing the floor plan of a house, mentioning the amenities, and displaying current pictures. Marketing with a video is simply translating all the marketing talk into a concise video.

To better use video marketing in generating profits, it is important to learn the difference between the two. There are scenarios when “marketing a video”, such as when trying to promote travel packages and tourist destinations, will be much more advisable than “marketing with a video”, and vice versa.

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