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Top Tier makes it possible for you to:
+ Make MORE money, FASTER
+ Eliminate downline risks

Would you like to get paid upfront? Get paid the equivalent of a year or more worth of residuals on Day One?

  • Would you like to get paid upfront – REGARDLESS of whether your recruits never get started, refuse to implement the system, or leave for any reason?
  • Would you like to get paid upfront – and make MORE money on a FRACTION of the sales numbers?
  • Would you like to get paid upfront – and make your own investments with the income?

Welcome to the “Top Tier” Business Model!

What is Top Tier?

This concept has been around for over twenty years, but has really SURGED to prominence with the advancement of online marketing! In the process, Top Tier has changed the focus of many online marketers AWAY from the promise of long-term residual income and to IMMEDIATE LEVERAGED INCOME.

Top Tier is based on this simple objective: Get paid a year or more worth of residuals on Day One no matter what happens.

Here are some HARD TRUTHS affecting network marketing today:

  • In the age of the Internet, MLM distributors come and go continually. It is not uncommon to have close to 100% attrition EVERY year!
  • “Bigger and Better” MLM opportunities launch every month. Distributors are constantly “jumping ship” hoping to land at the top during “pre-launch”.
  • Money is worth more in your pocket today than it is a year from now. Money earned can be invested in a wide variety of other income-generating areas.
  • It costs more than ever to advertise and recruit new reps – who may never generate “back end” revenue.
  • The “average” networker is attracted by the low entry costs. The reality is that most are “going into business” with absolutely NO business experience OR the intention to invest the necessary time and money to create a REAL business.
  • The prospective business “partners” with the VERY BEST chance of succeeding are simply uninterested in selling “lotions and potions and pills” in order to make a $5.00 commission. They want an HONEST path to $10,000 – or MORE – per month!
  • Building a traditional MLM business that generates $10,000 per month would require building a downline of thousands. In contrast, a Top Tier model can provide $10,000 per month with 10 – or FEWER – customers!

Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the CONCEPT of network marketing! MANY, MANY people have had incredible results as full-time networkers. I also strongly endorse a few very unique products and services that are ONLY available via network marketing – and I am a LOYAL customer!

But you need to also understand the LIMITATIONS of the network marketing model in today’s Internet age. The fact is, the times are changing rapidly. TODAY, success in networking REQUIRES a much tighter local emphasis and a lessened emphasis on online marketing.

The reasons are many, but the result is an incredibly high attrition rate in MLM companies. Network Marketing has become obsessed with “timing”, “pre-launches”, and “the next big thing”. But the cause behind this reality is universal Internet access.

Hundreds of new MLM’s launch every year thanks to the Internet. The number of new people joining MLM’s is drastically out of proportion with the endless enticements of the next, newest companies. The result is that – not IF, but WHEN – a top leader in your downline leaves for a new company, with one click of a mouse, with a single email to his list, he can eliminate HUGE chunks of the downlines of dozen’s of people’s businesses – cutting their checks in half or even worse. At the same time, downlines can be destroyed overnight by changes in the compensation plans – or even rumors of changes!

Distributors have instant access to an endless supply of systems, tools, leaders, options, and sales pitches which continuously plant seeds of doubt and distract them with promises of better, faster, and easier.

This is the new reality of network marketing – and there is nothing you can do about it.

Again, network marketing is a viable business vehicle for many people. The low cost of entry can NOT be beat! But, you need to know the facts and you need to overcome the limitations if you are going to succeed. More than ever, network marketing requires a STRONG personal relationship with your “network” to avoid “death by attrition” and the need to rebuild the business every 9-24 months!

Top Tier Opportunities Pay Out Serious Incomes, So They Attract People Who Like To Make Serious Money.


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