Top 5 Steps In Building A Online Business

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Top 5 Steps In Building A Online Business

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  • Building Your List

We’re not talking about the list of your friends and family. We’re talking about a list of people you have brought in through your online marketing efforts. You can use capture pages, your blog, or even your Facebook fan page to capture a lead – anywhere you can put an opt-in form. You must have something of value to give to your visitor in exchange for their name and email. Offer some type of solution with an ebook, video/webinar, free report, or other valuable information.

You should use an autoresponder when you are building your list. We recommend Aweber. Aweber basically stores the information (names, emails…etc.) for your list and is used as a platform to email your list. This automates the communication process so that you can effectively build a relationship with your list via email.

  • Personal Branding

Personal branding is the key to a successful attraction marketing system. People must get to know who you are, like you and trust you. People like to get to know “real people”, so don’t feel like you have to copy some other person’s personality. Be yourself!

How do you brand yourself? Some examples: personal capture pages, video, social media such as Facebook and article marketing.

  • Relationship Building

Even though you are online, you still must build and maintain relationships with people. You can do this by staying in touch with your list, connecting with them through social media, and even talking to them on the phone. You can build trust and position yourself as a leader. Which in turn leads to people wanting to team up with you in your business. This is the key to attraction marketing.

I love This Topic…When I understood this process… How to Monetize Everyone Who Says NO….

empower network

  • Creating Cash Flow – affiliate internet marketing

So often, a new network marketer spends a lot of money before making any money – on seminars, training, marketing materials, autoship, and so on. This leads to a big problem and a lot of people quit – because people join network marketing to make money – not be at a loss. When you market online, you can sell affiliate products along the way. This can occur quite naturally as you recommend products and services that you find valuable. This helps you to get into a positive cash flow quickly.

  • Building a Team

After you have built positive relationships online, you are in the position to build your network marketing team. You can also teach your team to duplicate this process. This attraction marketing process can be duplicated, however it takes a lot of commitment and a positive mindset – just like offline marketing.


Everyone of these steps are the reasons why Empower Network is growing so fast.

3 Steps:

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Tells Others
  3. Make Money

take action


Empower Is all about selling products…building paid residual income (100% Commissions)

BUT REALLY….this only matters if you are working the business…blogging (marketing)

Talking with people everyday……. This called taking action!!!

So, here is a  check up…we are day 18 in 2012….are you on track with any New Years Goal????    About 50% have fallen off after only 18 days.


Give me a call and see if I answer the phone….yes, I am a real person….just like you



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  1. Melton
    6 years ago

    Nice Video Chad. Good check up from the head up! Have a great Friday!

  2. Chad Nilsson
    6 years ago

    Thanks Melton, If you have good behavior and treat your business serious…you never worry about money.
    Let me know how I can help you.

  3. Rex
    6 years ago

    Great blog Chad. I thought you were talking to me. Maybe you were talking to yourself. I know that sometimes when I am talking to others I am actually talking to myself. Are we listening to ourselves?


  4. Chad Nilsson
    6 years ago

    Rex, glad i could help.

  5. Derek Rogers
    6 years ago

    Another thing I want to add : market what you enjoyed the best :). Find the niche within your forteso you can share it with your potential and readers successfully.

  6. Chad Nilsson
    6 years ago

    Thanks for your thoughts…

  7. Jacob
    6 years ago

    Great post! Providing value, building list and relationships is the key. Lead by value and example!

  8. Chad Nilsson
    6 years ago

    Glad you like it…give me a call sometime to network.

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