The Employee Trades Time For Money

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A good friend of mine wrote this blog post named Marie.  Marie and Andrew are the reason why i am here 5 years later….

I was looking for a mentor and a home business….  They helped me with training on traffic…lead generation and how to talk with prospects…..

I was calling Marie with all kinds of questions everyday and I know she was pulling her hair out…BECAUSE…I just did not get it… BUT I never quit!


So, Thank You you helping me…


It is 10:54 in the morning and while a lot of the country is just rousing…I’m 4 hours ahead of Pacific time, and jonesing for my next coffee.

This morning has been filled with a picnic breakfast for Jack in his room, a husband sick with the flu and several messages from my team members, my bookeeper and a call from someone looking to rent our rental property!  I haven’t even begun to start on the numerous other tasks like getting on the phone, talking to new prospects and getting ready for my marketing webinar tonight!


But this is why I am writing.

I know that the best thing for me now is to take 15 minutes and just sit in silence. Go into another room and still my mind, breathe deeply and know that I have everything that I need to get through my day.

Even though I don’t know how this day is going to unfold, if it just plain gets away from me and I feel like this all day, I’ll know that this feeling is temporary…I’ll be grateful for what I  have going RIGHT IN MY LIFE and keep going the next day because I know what I am doing is worth it.

People hear me on webinars and training platforms all the time talk about mindset.  In fact, we were interviewed for the home business magazine and we spent the entire time talking about marketing and mindset because it is critical for creating success.

The mindset thing is CRITICAL when you build a business from home because you are finally the captain of your own destiny.  You need to make sure you have the will power to see it through…which brings me to what I saw yesterday on Facebook.


Someone put the follwing their status and it resonated with me:

An EMPLOYEE trades his time for money. Regardless of the shift, he effectively trades his time for money. He then SPENDS the money and repeats the cycle so he will have to work forever to keep that cycle going. An ENTREPRENEUR invests his time in a way that will REWARD him many years from now. An Entrepreneur knows that TIME is the most valuable commodity, and to spend it wisely on strategies that will keep the cash flowing in whether he’s present there or not.

So here’s my point.  If you are just starting out, if you have been in this industry awhile and have not seen success – it is worth it to keep persisting.  Time is our most valuable commodity and I choose to have good days and bad days in pursuit of creating more time.

Not every day is going to be perfect, heck my day isnt’ starting that way today, but I know that I need to keep myself and my mindset in check.

So if you ever feel yourself in this situation realize, this feeling too shall pass.  This industry is worth it, your business is worth it and you are worth it.  Don’t EVER quit!


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