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With the dawn of the information age and free flow of ideas, blogging is catching up fast not only with the younger generation but the patrons as well, which ultimately leads us to the most important question of how to start a blog. To start with, blog is an abbreviation for the word web-log; it is an internet based journal where people can vent out their feelings, whether good or bad, and publish them for the entire world to see. Blogging can be of various types-personal, academic, creative, etc; the idea is to express yourself through a medium.

Start A Blog

It is not a difficult task to start a blog and in fact anyone can do so without having any prior blogging experience. Here we chart out some simple steps through which you can easily start a blog of your own. The first thing is to choose a blogging site that appeals to you the most. Once you are done with this task, sign up on this site and choose an appropriate layout and color scheme which would be the most suitable representation of your blog. If you want, you can even personalize it. Now you are all set and ready to start a blog. You can decide as to whether you want your blog to be visible to everyone who hits the net or only those who you approve of. Once you start writing, you can publish the URL for your blog on a social networking site so that it gains some exposure. You can even go ahead and make a blogging group.

To start a blog is not the only thing to do; you even need to keep on updating it on a regular basis. The more frequently you update your posts; more will be the number of hits on your blog as people will come back on a regular basis to read the posts. This practice will even help you make blogging a part and parcel of your daily routine. Thus, there will be a shift in the way you will notice things with an intention to pick up a topic for your new post. If you have made the efforts to start a blog, put in a bit more and personalize it; a pretty blog catches everybody’s attention. When writing, try and keep your posts interesting by focusing your attention to what people would like to read about rather than your own interests. Use a standard style of writing that can be understood by a majority of your readers (avoid using abbreviations and slangs). And last but not the least, try to focus on a single topic and gain expertise in it.

Tips To Start A Blog

When you start a blog, you must impart it your own character and personality so that your readers can get an impression of who you are. With all the tools available, anyone can start a blog, but only few know how to write what people want to read. Thus, to start a blog is the easiest thing to do. The deal is how much value you can add to it so that your readers will want to come back again and again.


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