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If you have some expertise in a given field or a passion for a hobby that you want to share with the world, friends and associates may have advised you to start a blog. On the off chance you don’t know what a blog is, let’s begin with a simple explanation. The word blog comes from the term web-log. It is the modern, electronic version of a diary. Some people use blogs to record thoughts, opinions and feelings or to share knowledge and hobbies. A growing number of people are starting blogs, though, to make money. How can you make money from a blog? There are almost as many answers to that as there are reasons to start a blog.

Start a Blog to Make Money

Many people begin with simple advertising on their blogs. Many of these, like Google AdSense, and other are known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisers. Every time someone clicks an ad on your blog, you earn money. The earnings are usually minimal at first but if you start a blog with good content, SEO and maintain it regularly, the earnings can go up.

how to blogAffiliate programs are also a good way to earn extra money when you start a blog. Affiliate programs or affiliate marketing allows the owner of the blog to make money in a similar fashion as PPC programs. Rewards are earned when a reader clicks a link to the advertiser’s site. The difference is the reward. Some programs offer a percentage of the value the referred reader spent on the advertiser’s site. Others offer prizes and gifts. The best results usually occur when the subject of the blog and the advertisement are a good match. Keep this in mind if you choose to start a blog and want to monetize it in this way.

Start A Blog To Tell The World

Sponsors can be another source of revenue for a blog. Sponsors pay a monthly or annual fee to have their message placed on blog. In order to attract advertisers, your blog will need to have quality content that is meaningful to a wide range of readers. You will also have to show advertisers the volume of traffic your blog gets in order to justify their advertising expense. You will probably not be able to get advertisers when you first start a blog. This usually happens later, when your blog has gained a following.

Whether you choose to monetize your blog or to write from a sense of purpose and calling, you should only start a blog if you are committed to it. The whole reason you are writing and publishing it is to be read, isn’t it? People will only continue to read if you publish interesting material and update it regularly. If you are not capable of doing this, then you may not want to start a blog at this time. Wait for a time when you can focus on your blog. However, if you are up to the challenge and have something to say to the world, the time is right to start a blog. As long as you are writing a blog you might as well earn money at it.

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