Solavei Leads

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Solavei Leads

Solavei, being a business opportunity based on network marketing,  promises for one to  make money of up to $20,000/month, plus bonuses on one’s whole network, & $20/month for every three direct referrals of new users.

It aims to build a network of possible users to its cell phone service which gives unlimited national talk, text, & 4G Internet cellphone service for only $49/month, which does not require any contract & the usual credit check.

For this “network marketing”, “work from home” & “home-based business”, one will need a good & solid Solavei leads to get the promised business potential income.


Solavei Leads

Solavei commits to   to provide all marketing training needed to be effective in being a part of this network marketing.  It also utilizes online & offline strategies to get people to call, email & even text expressing interest in joining the business or becoming a customer, rarely having to do any selling or convincing.  This tool ensures one to have a steady Solavei leads to have the promised potential income from this business.

The company derives its confidence in the success of this network marketing business in the competitiveness of its product because of its pricing.  This will easily entice potential users, making it easy for current users to refer new users which will bring them the promised income.

Solavei Leads

One can initially start with his immediate & existing network to bring him the promised income.  This may be easily done by just comparing your monthly service fee & the freebies you get from the service with those of your friends & that will stir the interest for potential users.  With one of your friends switching over to the Solavei cell phone service, that person can merely replicate your simple, yet effective marketing strategy.  His successful referrals will give you residual income.

However, your network could get exhausted & will need to broaden that network.  It will be worth looking at the Solavei tool that will have you continue with this “home-based business” that will ensure that you still get the desired Solavei leads calling, sending email & even texting to express strong interest in joining the business.

Solavei Leads

Passing on your trade marketing secrets to your successful referrals will ensure a steady flow of residual income while you work on tapping a fresh, wide & strong network that will bring you the $20/month for every three successful referrals.  You make more money your own personal & new referrals & just get a residual income from those referrals referred by your own referral.  This is the way how network marketing works.  Bigger income is derived from fresh referrals & residual income from the next step down of your own personal referrals.

It is now a vital task for one to continue to work on building a new, broad & strong network that will give him the Solavei leads he need to get the money coming in for him.

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