Solavei Free Cell Phone

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Solavei Free Cell Phone

Solavei’s promise for one to  make money of up to $20,000/month, plus bonuses on one’s whole network, & $20/month for every three direct referrals of new users, gives one the best opportunity to a venture into a business opportunity & gives him free cell phone service by availing of this offer.

One will only have to bring his own cell phone & get the SIM card for free,  without any contract required & no credit check needed.  This will automatically entitle you to a $20/month for every three direct referrals of new users & a chance to make more with your referrals bringing in more customers, will will give you residual income.  This gives you a free Solavei free cell phone service.

Solavei Free Cell Phone

For $49/month you can have unlimited national talk, text & 4G Internet cell phone service.   With this monthly cell phone service fee a month, this will translate to just nine successful referrals every month.  At $49/month, with unlimited national talk, text & 4G Internet cell phone service, you will only need to compare rates with your friends to get them to switch over & discuss the chance of having a free cell phone service by referring nine of their friends.  Seeing you happy with your cell phone service, you will be the most effective marketing tool to get people to avail of the service.

With only nine of your network switching to Solavei, this translates to $60.00, which will more than cover the $49/month that you need to pay for your cell phone service for that month, with a few excess dollars in your pocket.  This gives you a free cell phone service for that month.

Solavei Free Cell Phone

For you to realize the money coming in your pocket, you need to have a steady supply of networks to convert to sales & let this do a chain reaction to realize the residual income from referrals made by your own referrals.  This, in effect, becomes your existing network.  As your base, becomes stronger, your residual income becomes bigger.

Solavei provides all the marketing training to you need to make you become an effective part of this marketing network.  It will provide you a tool that online & offline strategies to get people to call, email & even text expressing interest in joining the business or becoming a customer, rarely having to do any selling or convincing.  The marketing strategies are designed to filter out people who will just be wasting their time.

Solavei Free Cell Phone

With an effective online tool that allows you  to continue building up a strong & broad network that will allow you to just work at home with interested people from your online network calling, sending e-mails & text messages expressing a switch to Solavei you are guaranteed a steady flow of monthly income from this business opportunity.

Start building that strong & broad network now to give you that Solavei free cell phone service, plus more.

 Get That Solavei Free Cell Phone Srvice Now.


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