Solavei Business Opportunity

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Solavei Business Opportunity

Solavei is a company that provides unlimited national talk, text, & 4G Internet cellphone service for only $49/month without any contract required & no credit check needed.

The Solavei Business Opportunity promises for one to  make money of up to $20,000/month, plus bonuses on one’s whole network, & $20/month for every three direct referrals of new users to Solavei, which commits to provide all marketing training needed to be effective in being a part of this network marketing.

Solavei Business Opportunity

Solavei has no extra fees associated for one to become a full-fledged sales representative &  make referrals, or even to build a team of sales representatives to do the selling for you.  All of the compensation from this Solavei Business Opportunity comes from acquiring customers, so there is no need for some big hyped up sales presentation as there will be no incentive for a proressional recruiter to “pictch the dream” to get a sale.

This ensures one that he does not end up on the NFL – No Friends List, or destroying some of ones most valuable personal relationships, by having to pitch the Solavei Business Opportunity to his friends & relatives convincing them that this is the best deal.

Solavei Business Opportunity

The Solavei Business Opportunity provides a better option to the common & usual selling hyped up & seriously overpriced vitamins, juices, soap, generic perfumes, air purifiers, & discount programs.

Solavei is a network marketing company that allows one to work from home while it teaches & encourages the use of an actual marketing strategy.

Solavei ulitizes online & offline strategies to get people to call, email & even text expressing interest in joining the business or becoming a customer, rarely having to do any selling or convincing.  The marketing strategies are designed to filter out people who will just be wasting their time.

Solavei Business Opportunity

Solavie has two offers:

Unlimited text, talk, & 4G Internet for $49/month, with no contract & no credit check.  Even if one decide not to become a Solavei sales representative, one may consider using the service, considering the savings of $50.00 what one would usually pay for a cell phone service.

Solavei will pay for referral of other users, & will pay you for all the referrals that one’s sales representative make, if one decides to to build a team of sales representatives to do the selling for him.  This is where the ‘network marketing’, ‘work from home’ and ‘home based business’ opportunities exist.

Solavei Business Opportunity

To ensure the success of this “network marketing”, “work from home” & “home-based business” opportunities with Solavei, it will be very important for one to have a strong & solid network based that will bring in the money for these business opportunities to realize the promise of this Solavei Business Opportunity.

It will now be time to look at an effective tool that will ensure the most effective online & offline strategies to get people to call, email & even text expressing strong interest in joining the business or becoming a customer, without having to do any selling or convincing to realize the promise of this Solavei Business Opportunity.

Click HERE for the Most Effective Tool.

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  1. Adam
    6 years ago

    Great post. I’ve been in Solavei for about a month now and the opportunity is amazing for people looking to build a home based business.

  2. Chad Nilsson
    6 years ago

    Glad you liked it…How have you been marketing your site? How are you going to drive traffic to it?

  3. Rob
    6 years ago

    Hey Chad,
    Another great post! I’m also involved with Solavei, and it’s a great business opportunity. Especially if you know how to market it!

  4. Chad Nilsson
    6 years ago

    Glad i can help. Call me anytime to talk about marketing..

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