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What is Solavei business?

There have been numerous programs out there that made each and everyone of us curious to how we can earn online. It was not on recent weeks, when a person in Seattle which spearheaded by former Congressman Rick White and former Motricity CEO Ryan Wuerch that they have started raising $6 million for a wireless service of $49 per wireless service which is now called Solavei. At $49 dollars mobile interaction is limitless with unlimited text, voice powered by 4G data.

How is Solavei Business doing so far?


The numbers of users are increasing and so with the commissions and the profits earned by every person who joined it. Solavei business is something that we can share since most people want to have a reliable subscription for their mobile needs and wants, Solavei satisfies every person who subscribes to the service and when you invite your friends, relatives and colleagues, your Solavei business goes up and up.

The beauty about the company is that when you have signed up three customers you get paid $20 plus it also includes one time bonuses for new customers within the first 60 day membership.


Solavei Business another pyramiding style?

Solavei business adheres to government regulations. The Solavei business model centers on attracting and retaining customers. And also bringing in those people who want to have a stable income with the use of their cellphones. Did you know that most telecommunication companies spend so much money in acquiring new customers but for Solavei, its sales force is actually its customers.

Solavei business believes that through your Cellphone alone you can earn some serious cash. According to Mr. Wuerch, they will be molding on traditional marketing and creating a new type of opportunity for the members of Solavei and the company.

Solavei business aims to be the next hit as it appears on their website according to their CEO, “We believe the greatest advertising in the world is you and me.” We all know that most telco companies of today spends millions of dollars in traditional marketing like commercials, TV exposure, newspapers ads, and brochures but with Solavei it promotes a customer-to-customer form of marketing where the customer itself experience the product and gets the opportunity to share that mobile experience to others.


The future of Solavei business has been growing since it was launched last October of this year where the money investment has been flowing and the founders of Solavei will have new ways to incorporate for their members to earn more money.

Solavei business also lowers your mobile expenditures especially when you have 3 subscriptions within the family. With $49 dollars, you get to use your mobile through unlimited call, text and data and when you promote Solavei Business, you earn and extra income which you can use for your utilities and personal needs.

Solavei business will travel far next year increasing its members, sales and customers. Subscribe now and get a free consultation about Solavei Business today!


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