Residual Income Using Empower Network

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Residual Income Using Empower Network

One of my team mates made this video showing how easy it is to build residual income of $1800 in 90 days.


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What Else Does Empower Network Offer??

Many of the people who purchase our highly rated blogs also want to learn how to market their products or services both offline and online. For those members, there are additional internet marketing training products that are available in the back office. Check out our 3 marketing training programs below:

Empower Network Marketing Training Products
1. Inner Circle Membership

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What is the Inner Circle?  For only $100 per month, you’re going to get the best ongoing audio training you’ve ever heard that money can buy. We’re constantly interviewing industry guru’s and experts who want nothing more than to help you make more money online, have a better quality of life, and build your very own sales automation machine.

We’re going to upload 50 interviews of 45-60 minute content rich interview from a marketing expert, and you can listen to it in your car, your computer, or download it to your ipod or smart phone.  Plus – you can get resell rights that gives you the ability to refer the training to others, and earn 100% commissions.

To be very blunt, just plug and play into the Inner Circle training audios, and you’ll be successful online within the next 90 days!  

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2. Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one-time)

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The Costa Rica Intensive was a private $3,000 seminar that was held by David Wood in Costa Rica in January 2011. Those who attended this mastermind seminar were charged $3,000 to participate. The seminar was recorded and compiled into an 11 hour, HD video series of internet marketing training.

In this video series, you’ll learn how to construct the same viral marketing machines that the top internet gurus use to generate thousands of dollars daily, and monthly. This retreat was filmed BEFORE the Empower Network was birthed, but the training can be used to build any affiliate, or network marketing system.  This product is definitely not for Wussy’s, and the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive is for only those who are serious about their Empower Network Business.


3. $15K Per Month Formula ($1,000 one-time)

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The $15k Per Month Formula is a series of recorded webinars from the top producers (David Wood, David Sharpe, Jon Mroz, Toby and Layla Black, Jaime Soriano, Rob Fore, etc…) in Empower Network & other Affiliate Companies sharing their marketing secrets and strategies they have used to generate massive results.  A variety of marketing topics are covered such as Video Marketing, Copywriting, SEO (beginner & advanced), to placing solo ads.  This expert training is definitely worth more than 20x the asking price.  The marketing strategies you learn in these modules can be utilized for any niche market.


Paid Advertising

I have been using CPC Brokers and is working well.  Many of the top money earners are using them as well. Discount Code 35772

I tell people to invest 20% of profits back into advertising..great source.

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