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Numbers Do Not Lie..

In the last 16 months Empower has created:

  • 83 – 6 figure earners
  • 63 people making over 10K / mo
  • 8 people making over 20K / mo
  • 7 people making 30K / mo
  • 3 people making 40K / mo
  • 3 people making 50K / mo
  • 2 people making 60K / mo
  • 2 people making 70K / mo
  • 4 people making 100K / mo

Here are the numbers for new sign ups at $25

December 7255

January 9486

February 10033

March 12594

As of April 10th 5112


So look how things are trending…What is happening?

Why are people joining?

My theory is….people have a marketing system that pays 100% commission.

No other business talks about marketing…No other business teaches you how to build a home business without picking up the phone…..

Every other business talks about how good the products are.

Every other business talks about how they have the best comp plan….(not 100%)

But not one talks about marketing…and stop chasing your friends and family…..


Get Started $25

Change Your Business

Learn how to market



Let me help you….651-330-8032

How Many People Do you Need To Get Paid $2000 Monthly?

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