[RARE Opportunity] Test Drive Empower Network For FREE!!!

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That’s right, you read the headline right.

I’m going to give you a rare opportunity, actually
the only time I did this, to test drive Empower 
Network for free.
Now this is for the person that has been 
sitting on the fence and needs a little reassurance.
affiliate marketing map
Here’s how it will work.
To get started in Empower Network is $25 for the
blogging system and that is monthly.
If you want to get paid as an affiliate it’s an 
additional $20/mo for the affiliate fee.
I want you to clearly understand that
$25 product is NOT the only one.
We have other products that you need to invest
in to get the training needed to be a jedi

[RARE Opportunity] Test Drive Empower Network For FREE!!!

The next product is the Inner Circle Audio which
is a TON of audio’s (over 50) of the top income
earners in Empower sharing the mindset that
they have in order to earn the STUPID
amount of income that they do.
We’re talking 32
120+ GRAND per month.
(this is no guarantee that you will make any at all)
Do you THINK by listening to what they have to say 
DAILY that your life won’t change for the better??!!
This product is the equivalent of getting Donald Trump,
Warren Buffer, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Oprah 
Winfrey to sit down with you hour by hour pouring into
YOUR life HOW they made their ginormous amount
of wealth.
And you can listen, pause, repeat at your leisure.
All for a measley $100/mo which by the way you earn
So here it is with Empower’s 1st 2 products you get to
earn a total of 125 cash per month off one sale as 
long as the customer stays active.
So here’s my deal for you…
…how you can test drive Empower Network for free.
When you join me right now and get the blogging system
for 25 dollars, the Inner Circle Audio for 100 dollars,
and pay the 20 dollars for the affiliate fee…
You MUST listen to at least one Inner Circle audio per day
AND then blog about it. Do this daily for the next 30 days.
If by chance you are NOT a different person mentally
after listening to the Inner Circle audio daily and
then blogging about it…
I Adrian Hines, will personally refund your money from the
blogging system and Inner Circle audio (after I get paid on it).
And to top it off I will send you a Starbucks gift card just for the 
heck of it.
Why am I willing to shell out some dough?
Because I know it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE NOT to be a changed
person after listening and blogging for the next 30 days.
But hey if you wanna take me up on my offer go right
Be my guest by joining here now.
Once you do I will get in contact with you personally and 
show you the next steps that you need to take.
My goal in this 30 day window is to help you change mentally and 
help you get your first sales so you can break even
although I can’t guarantee it will happen because I don’t
know if you will follow directions.
Cool get started here now and I’ll be in touch with you later today.
Chad 651-330-8032

[RARE Opportunity] Test Drive Empower Network For FREE!!!


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