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You have so much information here…

You have no reason for not making money….

You have everything you will ever need to get started….Get Busy!

The only person you need to blame is you…if you do not get busy making money…

I hate to be so truthful…blunt…in your face…but I am serious.

  • Why will 15000 join Empower Network this month?
  • Why did more than 12000 joined last month?
  • Why did more than 10000 join in Feb?

I challenge you to get busy for 90 days…

You will start to move your business forward because you are taking action…everyday.

Follow the daily Actions…Mike tells your what to do…he shows you how to do it…people are having results.



If you are not taking advantage of this..

You are crazy.




As I am doing this blog post…I had someone buy the blog and buy the Inner Circle product….$125 monthly residual income.

Do you know how many people you need to pay your $2000 in monthly residual income?


22….that is it!

Would $2000 every month help you?


There are many ways to make money online…but your income will be determined by how much traffic your get to your website..

Traffic is King.  This what Empower is all about…Traffic.  How can you get 100s or even 1000s of people to your links/websites.


I am going to put our teams daily assignment for you to see.




If you watch this video and your do not join…I can not help you….

I will always tell you the truth.


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