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Post Card Marketing

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This Top Tier business is all about advertising a phone number….


There are many way to do this…I personally use:

  • Post Cards
  • Texting
  • Phone Broadcasting
  • Solo Ads
  • Facebook
  • Email marketing

Two of the easiest ways to market your number are done for you methods.


Post cards and Texting.

We have a co-op post card option where you buy shares and each share is 500 cards.  The cost is $280 for 500 post cards.  So if you are on a budget you can do one share every week or buy as many as you like.

I teach people to spend 20% of the revenue into marketing…so if you want to make $10K monthly you want to spend $2000.

We all start at the same place so if money is tight when you start (like it was for me) do what you can and ramp it up over time.

Post Card Marketing

As you monthly income grows your marketing costs will come down to 10-15%

The other method is Texting.  Our service sends out a simple message with your phone number to call.

When the person calls and likes what they hear…they leave you a message and you call them back and give them your website.


Both types of marketing are done for you….SIMPLE


The point is to do something and do it often to build up your sales funnel…this works .


People are looking for ways to make more money….I hear stories everyday…


Listen to our team call from September 23/15



When you understand the steps on advertising a phone number…this business is amazing…when you follow the steps and you do the work….it can be life changing.

Any business takes work….but when you use automation to do most of the work…you can work less and make more.

Post Card Marketing


  1. Watch my video

  2. Listen to our team call

  3. Visit our website

  4. Still need more information…Click here


Get started…..Take action


You are worth it!


Call me after you have done these steps..




My Plan B – NWC- $175 on each sale

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