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My post card campaign has been going well I have over a 4.5 response from 1000 cards.  I am sure I will have another 15 – 20 more this week.

The stories that i have heard from everyone are crazy.  Some people are in a tough situation.  I talked with one lady who has 5 kids and one more on the way…Her husband is working 60 – 80 hours every week and gets paid $10 per hour….that is a tough situation…you think?   For most people to have an extra $1000 every week would be life changing….not the $1000 daily!

Having a home business is not all a bowl of roses…it still takes work, but when you have a proven system and a marketing system that does 95% of all the selling and telling for you…it is much easier.


Go and log in and watch the webinar now…you will be glad you did.


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