(personal) The next $60 million… Phase Two ENV2 _ The Beast Is Coming On Friday

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Right now…
…as you’re reading this, focusing your
attention as you allow yourself to be guided 
by my words — something big is coming.
blog beast
…something big is coming.
…a little over 2 years later, we are all gathered
again on a ‘top secret’ affiliate hangout –
expanding on the vision that was created
from that tiny hotel room over an electronic
connection – uniting minds across the world…
…and after $60 million in commissions —
— something BIGGER is coming.
And I’m building a NEW — BIGGER team.
I learned a long time ago, from my mentor
Dave, co-founder of Empower, on building a team…
…he said:
Want to get your team EXCITED — get a new team…”
“Want to build DEPTH and DUPLICATION in your team — get a new team”
“Want to make MORE MONEY — get a new team…”
See, the best way to grow the success of my
existing team – is to SHOW THEM that this
now works easier and better than ever…
…by creating a NEWER, BIGGER success 
And I’m looking for some folks to lock arms
with me in 2014 – and it starts NOW.
The question is…
…are you ready to do something BIGGER
It starts with the BEAST MODE – turned on.
Starting this Friday.

The Video Is Live Friday NOON… – Get on the list now!

Love ya – more to come.
* Keep your eyes peeled.
It is your choice…
Where will you be Jan. 2014?   You have a chance right now to build something BIG…
The Blog Beast is a marketing Machine that can help build any business…

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