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You need 16386 people to make $6553.20    Are you kidding me???

Have you ever requited 16386 people???

How about 10?

The average is 2.1 ……

Do you want to see how I have $3000 Days??



THAT’S $6,553.20 MONTHLY

ALL 100% Recurring Monthly Income!
(Even if they drop out, you still make the matching pay!)
Multiply your earnings using this feature 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 50x, you decide!
Do the math with any amount of people referred in, with any portion of
a full matrix and you will be simply astonished at the results!

The World’s Most Powerful Penny Matrix!

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(Even-numbered Levels are the “commission levels” on the chart above. There are no commissions paid on odd-numbered levels.) Compared with the same amounts structured with a “Seven-Level” as opposed to the even numbers of a 14-Level Matrix, this “skipping” effect products over 80 TIMES more money throughout the matrix for the commission structure!

Do not underestimate the power of this “penny matrix”! Everyone needs a little extra money to match the month. This can help you get through the month with ease. Possibly paying water bills, or maybe electric bills, or car payment and mortgage

You must be active to receive commissions due to you.
You must be active to access the Training Modules and Library.

You will never lose you spot, BUT:
The penalty for becoming “inactive” is: you will lose the commissions for that month or those months you are inactive. Don’t go inactive. Read below..

Then (after becoming inactive) and then re-activating, the penalty will be the commissions will be reduced to one-half (1/2 commissions) for the NEXT one (1) month.

If inactive for six (6) months then re-activating, the penalty will be the commissions will be reduced for one-half (1/2 commissions) for the NEXT
three (3) months.

If inactive for twelve (12) months then re-activating, the penalty will be the commissions will be reduced for one-half (1/2 commissions) for the NEXT
six (6) months.

All of this with any combination above applying for over twelve (12) months activity.

You will Still Earn if you are matching some that is inactive for the month at 100% of what would be their commission. (Your inactive referrals do not affect your matching 100% – YOU STILL GET PAID THE MATCHING AMOUNT!)

There will be no commissions paid to upline for any member(s) “inactive” (that missed the monthly subscription deadline date.) (That commission will be exactly $0.00…obviously since there was no subscription payment made for that position in the matrix.)

The “Referrer” for each member will also make 100% of matching bonus for the members monthly earnings…no matter how deep in the levels (beyond 14 levels).

Any personal referrals will fill the first available empty spot in that member’s matrix going left to right.

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