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I have been having great success using CPC Brokers.  Up until 1 month ago I did everything for free.  I worked hard everyday.

After talking with some of the highest income earners….in Empower Network I decided follow what they are doing….

Every $25 blogging sale is really worth $480 over 30 – 60 days….so if you spend $1000 on paid traffic and you generate 400 leads and your get 6-8 sign ups…over time you really made $3000 – $4000 in sales.

So Get All In

Paid advertising works, but it works over time.  You need to scale everything over time…

This is something that I have learned over the past 2 months….your only goal is to build your list….get 2 sign ups everyday.

You still need to blog everyday…content is still KING.  If you have time do 2 or 3 blog posts or outsource it…I have a great source for this.

My guy will do 12 blog posts every month for $50.  He will even submit them all for you….it is like hands off  Call me for his email…651-330-8032  This is limited so call me now…

You can not get better than $4.16 for each post.

Let me know how I can help…..651-330-8032

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To See How I have $1000 days


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