New Year New Career In 2013

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New Year New Career In 2013


The holidays are over, the new year has begun, but I’m facing quite an interesting dilemma.

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I have my hands around far more business than I can handle right now!


Aside from that I spend about an hour per day teaching and training people how to make money online by promoting done-for-you websites that rank well in Google.  (Often on the first page for popular keywords!)

It’s a win-win because it helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get more leads for their business, as well as helping them rank on the first page of Google, while at the same time I get a nice residual paycheck every month that they pay for hosting.
But here is my dilemma and here is my question.

 New Year New Career In 2013

My business is growing much faster than I can handle.  I am already outsourcing almost all of it, but I require some extra help.


My question for you is this.


Are you interested in partnering up with me in 2013 to make some extra income online?


I’ve already got the system completely set up, and tested, and I can show you exactly what to do to have success.


In a nutshell, you would be promoting a done-4-you website that can be fully customized and it helps customers generate a ton of traffic, leads, and sales for their business.


It’s built for them in seconds and they can start getting posts up immediately to get traffic.


It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, real estate agents, network marketers, and anyone looking for more leads and more revenue in 2013.


And the total cost for this blogging system is only $25/mo!


So here is where you come in.


I need some help promoting and marketing this awesome system.


I just read a statistic today from Aweber that said that 72% of small business owners are going to increase their blogging efforts in 2013!  


For us that means that NOW is the time to capitalize!


When it comes to revenue, it’s pretty simple.


We can share it evenly. 


I currently make $25/mo recurring commissions for every new client that I set up with a blog (mostly done from automated marketing).


So that’s around $300/yr per customer that I set up.  Plus there are ways to get paid $1000s more on each client.


In the past 7 months I have set up nearly 100 people with these websites, and I will show you exactly what I am doing to find people and put them through an automated system in just 1 hour per day.


It’s super simple, very fun, and has great income potential!


Our split will roughly look like this.  On your first 6 referrals we will do a 50/50 split during training.  From that point on we will do an 80/20 split.


Meaning that you get 80% of the sales, and I get 20%.  And I will show you everything that I am doing to make it happen.


But look, I don’t want to get into all the details here in this email.


I just wanted to check and see if you were interested in partnering up.

So here is the next step.


REPLY TO my email and let me know if you are seriously interested and we will continue the conversation.  I will provide you more information on how we can get started and get you trained.


Plus, I’ll show you more about the additional training modules that customers can purchase, and you can earn income from those as well.  But like I said, let’s save those details for the next email.

So reply to my email above  ASAP and let me know if you are interested.  I will be responding on a first-come first-serve basis, so the faster you reply the better.

And the more you can let me know about yourself and your situation, the more that we will be able to see if it’s a good fit for you.  I look forward to hearing back from you!


Talk soon,

Chad 651-330-8032

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