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Initially, blogs were used as a medium for people to share their personal experiences, thoughts, and ideas to other online users. However, over the years, bloggers and website owners alike have realized the potential of blogging for generating profit. Professional bloggers, more or less, already have sufficient knowledge on how to make money through blogging but newbies may find it tricky and challenging at first. For new bloggers hoping to make money out of this activity, it would be best to recruit the assistance and support of another party – one like the Empower Network.

Empower Network was established by David Wood to help him fulfill his goal of sharing the secret on how one can make money using the Internet. It is a blogging system that serves as an efficient tool for newbies to achieve their earning goals through blogging. Aside from their own blogs, members of the Network can also earn money through recruiting new members as they will be given 100% commissions.

Creating an account in this blogging platform is similar with others – bloggers get to create their own website or blog, complete with web hosting and graphics, and other details. But what’s more, the Network serves as a professional resource and platform that can promote a site, ensuring maximum exposure and reach.

Basically, bloggers can create a website and have the opportunity to receive 100% commissions for an initial charge of $25. The $25 allows the member to create a full website, complete with hosting, sales and marketing page, and SEO, among others.

An Empower Network blog works in two ways: it can help the member promote his business online and at the same time, have sufficient readership and visits that will enhance his chance of recruiting bloggers to join the Network. Thus, the blogger can earn by generating sales for his business (through his Empower blog) and getting commissions (by recruiting aspiring bloggers).

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