Making Money In Top Tier Sales VS. Working In A Cubicle

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Making Money In Top Tier Sales VS. Working In A Cubicle

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How much time do you spend in a cubicle?


When I was working in corporate in professional sales…I made phone calls setting up appointments to go and meet with business owners…I was in direct sales.

  • I had a sales quota…
  • I had to wear a suit and tie…..
  • I had to go to sales meetings….
  • I had to drive into work everyday by 8am…


If you are in sales…you are doing the same thing.

I did this for many years….until one day I was surfing the internet…


I started to see stories of people making money online.   Could there be another way???

I have always wanted to start my own business…The internet has changed they way we live our lives….


IMG_0252[1]I was tired of living in a cubicle!

I made a decision….to get involved…To take action.

I had no idea how I was going to do it….I just knew…if someone else was doing it…I could learn how.

That was 9 years ago….


Today there is so much information on “how to do anything”…just go to YouTube…someone made a video about whatever you are trying to do.

I believe that marketing a Top Tier Product gives you the best ROI.  (return on investment)


When you market/advertise a phone number 651-237-9490 and people leave you a message looking for your website.

There is no selling….people are looking for a solution to a big problem….

Why are you reading this blog post?  Are you looking for a solution?



My only job is to get my phone number out for people to call and listen to it….


When you follow a proven system and you learn about marketing…things change….

It still takes work….it still takes follow up…..but compared to working 40-50 hours every week living in a cubicle…


Working for yourself is not for everyone…..but for people that can treat this like a real business and follow a proven system….it can be life changing.


Go and see….click the button.

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