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This, my dear friend, is …

People Are Buying ROCKS!


The price tag is $179. Itʼs a little blurry but thatʼs what it says.
Pile of rocks, folks. $179.
So while Joe Helmethair is on the news telling you that the sky is falling, smart people
like us are selling PILES OF FREAKINʼ ROCKS for $179.

Money is everywhere….all you need to do is start looking for it.


Do you remember the pet Rock????




I saw this in my local Barnes and Noble. I didnʼt think to get the price but Iʼd put it in the
$20 range.
You know what this is for?
To put your potato peels and stuff in while youʼre cooking.
You know …so you donʼt have to like, travel that extra 19 inches over to the kitchen
trash can.
See …you put the peels in this “Garbage Bowl” and then you empty the garbage bowl
into the garbage can when youʼre done cooking.
Saves you the misery of having to travel all the way to the garbage can.
And you know …you have to have this one (for $20 or so) because it says
“Garbage Bowl” on the box.
Therefore, this is clearly different and somehow better than a regular bowl …which you
already have.
So while Joe Helmethair is on the news telling you thereʼs no money, our girl Rachel
Ray is selling garbage bowls. $20 at a time!!


So the point of all this….is to help you remember Money is everywhere…..all you need to do is start looking.  Think out of the box…start dreaming….start asking questions….Remember 10000 of the jobs /products today…were not around 5 years ago.

Here is one of my companies… I saw a need to help businesses get on Google Maps and 100’s of directories Go See Now!


Here are 2 of my main products/Plan B Opportunities Plan B 1

Here is the 2nd…Plan B 2

Having many income streams is smart…don’t you think?  Do you think Rachael Ray has many products or income streams….besides the garbage bowl?


Call me anytime and leave me a comment if you like the pictures.

Chad 651-330-8032

Make Money everywhere


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  1. Sherlyn
    6 years ago

    Your blog may do well beuscae some people may be sick of ‘how to make money online’ blogs. I do think that you can still definitely attract a crowd for ‘how to make money blogs’, but it would probably be easier in a less established niche. Definitely an interesting post.

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