LinkedIn Conversations – Can You Relate

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LinkedIn Conversations – Can You Relate


I have had many great conversations with people who have reached out to me on LinkedIn this past month.

Everyone is happy with what they are doing….Most of the questions people ask me are about Time and Freedom.


People always say when they were younger working 50-70 hours was fun…they loved it.  After 20-30 years they want to slow down and enjoy life more…


Spending more time with their kids, and family is what most people are looking for.  Making more money is  second on their list.  Can you relate?

LinkedIn Conversations – Can You Relate


New Years Resolutions Statistics


I saw a video on Facebook this week where it asked a question…


Write Your Biggest regret:

The comments people listed were almost the same….Click the link and see…..what would you list?


We all have something we wished we would have done….It never to late to start on your dream…


With meeting people on linkedIn and talking about things that would surprise you…Hearing things from complete strangers only because I asked the question has really opened up my mind. 


Many people have the same goals, desires….many people answered the questions with the same answer…..but most people did not know how to get it started….


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I have two (2) income streams:

Big ticket


Low ticket

Both businesses I work part time…People are looking…for a better way to make money…


LinkedIn Conversations – Can You Relate


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