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Lightyear Wireless is the only company in the U.S. to pay a true RESIDUAL commission on a privately branded wireless product. Lightyear wireless has partnered with two of the largest wireless networks in the country and now you have the ability to profit from it! There will never be an opportunity like this again in Network Marketing. Lightyear Wireless has the right infrastructure, leadership, product, compensation plan, and timing! DO NOT miss out on being a part of the NEXT BILLION DOLLAR GIANT!!!

Some facts about Lightyear Wireless…

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Parent Company: Lightyear Network Solutions, a full-service communications company founded in 1993

80,000 sq-ft World Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky with over 180 employees servicing more than 250,000 customers. Better Business Bureau and COMPTEL/ASCENT Member

Lightyear Wireless was Number 19 on Inc 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies

Federally Licensed and Publicly Traded TeleCommunications company
Multi-million dollar data billing center
Clients include: JCPenny’s, Arby’s, Hertz, Toyota, Applebee’s and many others

Lightyear Wireless: Wireless MLM Sales Division. Launched July 2008

Wholesale partnership with nation’s largest most reliable network – Verizon as well as a partnership with Sprint.
State of the art phones such as HTC Android’s, Blackberry’s, competitive plans such as the $59 unlimited calling, text and data plan, family plans, texting plans, and much more!
Lightyear is the only MLM company in the U.S. that pays true residual commissions on their own privately branded wireless product
To find out how to get free service plus earn $5000 A month part time.

Lightyear Wireless might be the business you have been looking for….


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