Lead Net Pro VS. Push Button Emailer | Business Leads

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Lead Net Pro VS. Push Button Emailer | Business Leads



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Building your email list is your only goal in Home Business…right?  Anyone who has been in the industry knows LEADS are KING..

The question is what is the best way to get leads into your sales funnel or auto responder?

lead net pro

A few years back I bought Lead Net Pro and used to to scrape leads from the internet and used the phone broadcasting to communicate with these people to get them to opt into my capture page…to build my list.


It worked well and I made a lot of money selling is as an affiliate product…because it solved 2 problems..

  1. Leads
  2. Cash Flow


The process to get these leads into your list is a little time consuming and for a new person who really has no idea about marketing…would be lost.


I stopped marketing this product because of this fact….I used it myself and had good results.


Push Button Emailer is better product for many reasons…

  1. Leads that have doubled opted in your sales funnel
  2. Cash flow $200 one time and $20 monthly residual
  3. Send any link and add as many emails to the two campaigns as you like.
  4. Gives you 1800 leads monthly for $99
  5. Targeted leads, MLM people and Business opportunity seekers
  6. Nothing more to do…

Lead Net Pro VS. Push Button Emailer


People need easy systems to help build your list while they learn skills on marketing…



This works and it gives me cash…here is an email that I got today:

Congratulations Chad!

You just referred the following person to PushButtonEmailer.

The name Push Button Emailer is this system.




  • People need this product
  • You need leads – we all need leads
  • We all need cash flow
  • $200 on every sale and $20 monthly residual…



The only question i would ask myself is….


Am I getting 60 leads daily?


If the answer is NO…you need to change what your are doing…


This product solves this big problem.



Chad 651-330-8032



no hype mlm

Stop The Madness


Lead Net Pro VS. Push Button Emailer | Business Leads

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