Lead Net Pro Software is the only comprehensive lead generation tool in the market

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This article will discuss the powerful new lead generation tool called Lead Net Pro. The Lead Net Pro Software is the only comprehensive lead generation tool in the market as is a MUST HAVE.

Chad Nilsson is proud to announce his affiliation with Lead Net Pro. ” After being a successful home based business entrepreneur for the past 5 years I have been begging for software and a tool like this to hit the industry. My wishes have been granted. This tool is a must have tool for any direct sales pros, network marketers, MLM’ers, cash gifters, or even if you have a traditional direct sales or brick and mortar sales business.”

Lead Net Pro and the Lead Net Pro software has just hit the market. It was created by CEO Dan Miller who is an marketing maven and legend. Lead Net Pro is the solution to two main problems that sales pros and marketers face. How do I create laser targeted leads for my business and how do I market to them?

Lead Net Pro and the Lead Net Pro software will probably drive competitors like Ibuzz Pro, Phone Broadcast Club, Lead Dawg, Scraper Pro, and many othes out of business. All those companies are one dimensional and do not offer the total package that Lead Net Pro does.

The Lead Net Pro software will let you extract thousands of leads at a time off of the search engines like google, yahoo, classified sites like Craiglist and Backpage, and Directories like Yellow Pages and Merchant Circle. The data is 99% accurate and it is filtered many times to give you clean results. The speed at which it does it is also amazing. It is very simple to set up the software as the CEO has done many video training modules that walk you through the process.

The Lead Net Pro voice broadcaster is the BEST in the business. It offers low unheard of rates of 1.8 cents per minute billed in 6 second increments. The main competitor Ibuzz Pro charges 3 cents per minute with a 30 second minimum . Lead Net Pro has all the bells and whistles but is a lot easier to use.

Lead Net Pro also teaches us how to use the software to send out thousands of email messages a day to create targeted leads . As I know a targeted message to a targeted list is a great way to reverse market and to attract opportunity buyers and not seekers. The email software does require you get a separate hosting account at a few bucks per month but you will be amazed at how easy it is to set up . Again everything with the Lead Net Pro software is dummy proof that a baby or an 80 year old can do it.

There is a great compensation plan with the Lead Net Pro opportunity. The software license goes for 397. Attached to that you can earn 300 commissions over and over again after your first sale. It is a 1 up compensation plan.

In my 8 years working from home and teaching others how to be very very successful this tool is exactly what YOU need to help you explode your business 300-500%. I teach secret tricks and strategies that will help you be very successful whether you are marketing this tool or marketing a primary business.

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  1. google
    7 years ago

    I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you

  2. admin
    7 years ago

    Thanks. It is a great tool for any business.

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