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Created by a marketing guru and CEO Dan Miller, lead net pro is a comprehensive lead generation software tool. Lead net pro not only helps you find your targeted audience but also gives ways by which you can market your business to them in the most effective manner. It acts like a single platform for harvesting and extraction software as well as a phone broadcasting service. Regardless of the fact whether you are marketing online or offline, lead net pro is truly a next level of lead generation.


The lead net pro’s extraction software has a directory, search engine and classified data extraction. Data (related to the industry you are targeting) can be easily pulled with a rate of accuracy of 99% or higher. Within the search, all the data is properly categorized with information ranging from names, addresses, contact numbers, emails and websites. Also, lead net pro is completely web based, so you can easily access and run the lead net pro software regardless of whichever system you are using.

You can get hold of the lead net pro software for just $397 and have a means to generate unlimited leads for life. When you join lead net pro, you must have a clear understanding of how you would be marketing your primary business outside of the software capabilities. Some people do not do a prior research and jump in head first into the system with an intention of involving all their friends and family and when they do not get the expected results, they are the first ones to mock the system. Hence, to avoid such a situation, work the lead net pro business. Instead of going with the traditional mindset of tapping friends and family (who probably lack the entrepreneurial spirit you most likely require for your business), try and tap those people who are planning to start their own home business and looking for an opportunity that will enable them to keep on generating leads for life while earning a good commission. If you are able to follow this, you will have a virtually limitless potential to expand.


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Lead net pro also has an additional feature through which just with the click of a button, you can send across thousands and thousands of emails to the information you harvest. It does require a separate hosting account, but the same is pretty cheap (costing a few bucks per month) and can be set up easily. You can also find a voice broadcaster in the lead net pro software which has a variety of features but is easy to use, costing a mere 1.8 cents for a minute of usage. The billing happens in just six second increment from the top, unlike other systems which will charge you heavily.

So, do you feel that this software will be potentially useful for you? And are you willing to take action to see similar, if not better results? If the answer is YES, then there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish and see others getting floored by your success.


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