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I know you hear this everyday…

And everyone says their is better than yours…..

What this is all about marketing and $$$ Cash Flow.  That’s it!

You need Marketing to grow your business.  You need traffic, leads and customers to join your business or buy your products.  BUT how do you do this?


How do you make money in the beginning to survive?  Survival is key….you need CASH.

If you had an extra $300…that would help pay for a auto ship, marketing costs and the biggest thing is …it GIVES YOU TIME…you need time to build your MLM business and “time” is what most people do not have.

Most people start a home business because they are desperate…they have no money and no or little savings, but they what the lifestyle.  They dream of how life would be like if …ONLY they had a big business that paid them 6 figures every year.

And they have no idea or are given any direction on how to get it done….Most people say “get 2 people and help them get 2 people”  ….and you will be rich…right?

Having a business  and having the mind set are 2 different things.  Do you know the difference?  Anyone can start a business, but only the people who have the mindset to build a business will make it.  This why there is a 98% failure rate….

If you had a “plan” and “cash flow” your chances of success go up 1000% and if you have a strong work ethic and have the passion to get through the good and bad days you have a winning combination.

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It is all about marketing and cash…this why you need this…

Answer this question:

  • Is what your are doing working?
  • How many people did you sponsor last month?
  • How many people have you talked with about your business this week?
  • Is this good or bad?

look a distractionFor most people…they think they have a home business…but never make any money.

You need to learn a new skill…if not you will never make it.  I really hate to be so truthful (blunt), but sometimes you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask some tough questions.


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When you surf the internet…how many people list their phone number?

NOT Many…why is that…because they hide behind a website.

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