Internet Traffic Secrets Reveled With the 15K Formula

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Internet Traffic Secrets Reveled With the 15K Formula


15K Formula Tips

5 Steps For Targeted Traffic:

  • Begin With End in Mind
  • Keyword Research
  • Produce Content
  • Publish Content
  • Promote Content To Rank

$15K Per Month Formula

What Do You Want Your Visitors To Do?

  • Engage and Opt-in
  • Engage to Purchase



This was from the trainings in the 15K Formula…with in the first 7 minutes….but it went into in much more detail….it told you how and why and HOW….to get ranked for FREE to generate leads and sponsor more people into what ever Home Business you are involved in…

Internet Traffic Secrets Reveled With the 15K Formula

What does all this mean?

When someone looks to the internet to build a business……they have this look…like what do I do?  Maybe you have done this?

And this is why people quit….it is not that the company or product was bad…but they did not know what to do to sell products and sponsor people into their business…

In fact…if you asked someone how many people they talk with about their business…most would say none..

They are what I call….”A Secret Agent”…..they are involved…but never tell anyone.

So, how do you stop being a secret agent?

Your “Why” needs to be big and you really need to have that attitude of not failing….

Your need to change your plan of action….because chasing your friends and family is not the answer…

Do you think that other people want to make money from using the internet?

Paul Zane Pilzer says ” 10 millionaires will be created over ten years.  2006 – 2016

how do bloggers make money














If you had a road map telling where to go…would you follow it?


If you had the instructions…would you follow them?

The 15K Formula shows you how someone can go from 0 to $15K per month in 90 days…..

Will it take work?  YES

Will it be frustrating learning something now?…YES

But wouldn’t $15,000 monthly change your world?  For most..YES

And it all starts for $25/monthly….that’s it!!

Most people will not do the work…most people will not get started…because it is not fun…..

Learning a new skill is the only way to change your outcome….so why do people not follow a proven system?

Think about it….when was the last time you started something and finished it?   Did it feel good?

The people you see online ….. who are making money using the internet…started in the same place as you are right now.

but they took action….

Internet Traffic Secrets Reveled With the 15K Formula

While I was Posting this Blog Post….I got paid $125….now this is not a lot of money…but it is every month..

So it is $1500 for the year….nice sale…..


To See How I Have $3000 Days

Call me…Everyone Else Does 651-330-8032

Do you have a computer?? You Have a Problem…if you do not have this product.

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