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So you’ve got yourself a website and you’re looking for some Internet Marketing Strategies to make money Online. Well, no matter what you’ve been told or how long you’ve been around the world of Internet Marketing, it’s really not as complicated as you may think. Not to over simplify things too much, but there’s only three things you should concern yourself with when it comes time to make money online. That’s it, three simple techniques. Let’s take a minute and address these three Internet Marketing strategies and you too can be off and running in the world of Online marketing. Yep, make money online now.

Generate and Drive Traffic

First off, no matter how much valuable information you have posted on your blog, or how important and life changing the product or services are that you are marketing, if you can’t get eyeballs looking at your site, you won’t make any sales.

Think of your website as if it were a real building. Your office or storefront. When someone finds you Online and clicks on your link, it is as if they had just pulled up in your parking lot and are walking through your front door. If you don’t have anyone walking through that door to take a look around, how will you ever sell anything?

While there are many proven techniques to generate and drive traffic to your site, the facts remain, without visitors, there will be no business. The amount of traffic your site receives is in direct proportion to the amount of time, money and effort you invest in this step. Every business is different. Depending on your goals, your marketing budget and your overall business plan, the amount of traffic required for you to simply survive or succeed may vary drastically.

Set up an Auto-responder and Build a List

Many businesses have wonderful websites full of every piece of relevant information anyone could need to make an informed and educated decision about their product or service. They may even be driving loads of traffic to their site daily, and making sales on “auto-pilot”. Yet one of the most overlooked and important strategies to make money Online is what’s called an opt-in box and an auto-responder.

What good is it if your business gets over 1000 people a day walking through your front door and yet none of them buys anything? What if you could somehow get everyone’s name and address that ever set foot into your place of work? Do you think you could use that information to somehow follow up with those folks and offer them specials or new products? Why sure you could, and that’s exactly why you need an opt-in box and an auto-responder set up on your website.

When someone visits your site, offer them something of value in exchange for their name, address, and even telephone number. You are now building a list of potential customers even if they don’t purchase something on their initial business. It’s been said, the money’s in the list and if you ask any successful Online marketer, they’ll all agree. Build your list and make more money.

Develop Relationships

Finally, one of the easiest strategies you can implement to make money Online is to always under promise and over deliver. Your customers are looking for value. It doesn’t matter what you are marketing. If you can always provide your customers more than they are expecting, you will succeed.

Today, too many businesses are only concerned with the bottom line. They do not develop long lasting relationships with their consumer base. I don’t know about you, but if it comes down to doing business with someone you know and trust from previous experience or working with someone you’ve just met and know nothing about, you’d probably go with the proven relationship. This is why developing ongoing customer relations is perhaps the most important Internet marketing strategy when it comes time for you to make money online.

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