I Will not Pay Your Way In…..Get Serious About Your Business And Treat It Like A Business

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I Will not Pay Your Way In…..Get Serious About Your Business And Treat It Like A Business



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I love this video!  I get emails weekly from people all around the world asking me to pay their way in….

Most of the time I ignore them…but i always think to myself….How can they ask such a numb question?

I often think that people who really want to make something happen..DO…..

They do not find excuses.

They find away to get started….they sell stuff, they borrow money….they do something..

Their dream is to big to give an excuse!


I Will not Pay Your Way In


When I first got started in the online industry….I had no clue where to start or what to do…..


I was searching online saw a video and got excited…..I did more research..


I tried to call people …with NO return call.

After spending weeks dreaming about it….I jumped in and spent $1500 and then spent $4500 on a High Ticket Opportunity.

Over the next 12 months I spent another $7000 on advertising, websites and many tools…..

But NO sales….

Then I changed companies…I thought it has to be the company…even i no people were making money……

Have you ever done that?

I spent another $4000…..and I made $6000 in my first 2 months…I thought I have something here.  I made another $8000 and the company shut down….That sucked!

But I learned a few things…How to Market…How to generate a lead.

Then…..I did a stupid thing in hind site…..I joined a MLM.

It was the oldest Health and Wellness company started in 1954…..

I put my head down for 10 solid months…..8-10 hours daily….I signed up 158 people and the most I ever made was $2025 in my 8th month….

I qualified for the sales trip in Mexico…it was nice…but at the time all I wanted was to make some money….

I realized…there was an easier way to make money online…..

Now fast forward a couple of years…..

I learned that Marketing…was the real reason for failure…….If you did not learn how to market…you would make no money….

I must have been a little dense….I just never quit……

I knew that it was possible to make huge money online….I saw it all over the place……




Then Empower Network was born…

  • It was an easy marketing system
  • No learning curve on what a blog was
  • No coding to learn
  • It paid 100% commission
  • Residual Income $125 monthly
  • Big Ticket Products $500, $1000 and $3000


Fast forward 15 months

Over 100000 customers…..paid out over 30 million in commissions.

The success stories are in the 1000s….people making money online for the first time…even if it is only $25 monthly…

I have never seen this before….people were making money….people were learning how to market….

See the Income Disclosure

It will take work…but it will be worth it!

But you need to make a choice..is changing your situation worth the work?

Do you have whatever it takes mindset…to get busy and make it happen?

I have never seen a step by step system that gives you everything you need…..must it does not do the work for you.


Just like Mack says…..this is a business….and when you treat it like a business….stuff happens.

Here is my last point…..do you think that the people who invested $100000 or more to start a business up have the mindset ….


Think about it!

empower network






I Will not Pay Your Way In…..Get Serious About Your Business And Treat It Like A Business


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