How to Make Money Online For Free Or Using Paid Resources

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How to Make Money Online For Free Or Using Paid Resources

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There really is a scientific approach to making money online….there are things that need to be in place for any money to get paid to you or a business.

You need:

  1. A Good Offer
  2. Traffic


So what makes a “Good Offer”?  In my 7 years of being online…I have found and made the most money selling products that solve a big problem. 

Your customer can identify with a problem that they are having and are looking for a solution to fix this….they are a buying customer.

How do you get traffic?

Free ways:

  • Videos – YouTube, Viddler
  • Articles
  • Forms
  • Craig List
  • Blogging – my faverite
  • Facebook
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • SEO stuff

affiliate marketing map


These all work…but they do take some time to get your content out online and you need to learn how these things work.

But…you do need to learn these things.

This is how i started and have been making a full time income for the past 4 years.

Paid Traffic:

I started using this kind of traffic last year…..I did not understand how this worked.

This instant….your buy traffic…they see an offer…they become a lead and a % will want more information or buy your product.

This type of traffic is scalable.  as you have a bigger budget…you buy more traffic and if you have the correct conversion…you can make a ton of money.

BUT you need to understand the process.

Let’s say you only have $200 to spend on paid traffic… buy clicks…you get leads and hopefully….you get some sales…..

The problem most people have is if they make no sales on the first day…they think it does not work.

Your lead usually needs to see a email 7 times before they read it….most people do not have a long attention span…5-7 seconds.  If the email is not wanting them to continue reading,,,they X out and off to the next thing.

This the same thing for all advertising….TV, radio, news paper….

But you have the lead on your list and you keep on emailing them information…..sales happen usually after 2-3 weeks… you have a system and you understand the process it is easy to manage over time.

This kind of marketing is how most traditional business do it….


I have a couple of funnel systems that i use:

  1.  This pays me $25 – $100 daily

It is a easy system that give me money to use in other paid traffic partners.  My main business is in Step 4….go and see.


How to Make Money Online For Free Or Using Paid Resources


  1. This builds residual income and pays me big commissions.

This why using paid traffic works so well.  This is so scalable that anyone can use it.


Here are my numbers….

  • On every small product sale I make $565

This is called the Life Time Value of a customer….


Think about that…on every $25 sale I get paid $565

This why paid marketing works so well……if it costs me $100 to make 1 sale….I still get paid $565 so it is scalable.

So you are reading this blog post and want to learn how to make money online…right?

Go and watch the video…it is that simple.  Go and watch the video.



You are going to hear about IPAS…..This will change the way people make money online……This is a franchise model and works very well with paid traffic!

IPAS System

Video Here


How to Make Money Online For Free Or Using Paid Resources

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