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Solavei Adds 65000 New Customers In six weeks

Marketing on the internet takes time to get your content found…but when you understand how to get your content found my people who are looking for what you have…..that is content marketing.

I had a new person on my team tell me that he was having a hard time getting a blog post done sooner than 3 hours…

Are you having the same issues?

So I did a screen share and make a blog post about Solavie…They are a new company that is growing fast.  Over the past 6 weeks they have added 65000 new members.

There was a email from that gave me this info….

So all these people are telling others about this great opportunity….Right?  People go home or at work and they Google Solavei… get more info….they scan over the first page….Will they find you?  Getting your content on the first page of Google should be your only goal…

People are looking for more give it to them..

You can blog about:

  • Solavei opportunity
  • Make money with Solavie
  • Solavie business
  • Free cell phone with Solavie
  • Solavie products

You can make tons of blog posts….

Every new post is a new web page that is all based on a KEYWORD…..

The key to marketing it to get as many new web pages in the internet as possible…

It’s like having a new bill board on a highway..

Solavei Adds 65000 New Customers In six weeks

This is the same Content Marketing system that I use to have $3000 Days….

Content marketing works…

Call me 651-330-8032…Everyone else does.


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