How to Make a Better Blog

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How to Make a Better Blog

Are you one of those thousands of marketers who have just started but do not know how to make a better blog? Or have you been an owner of a blog for quite some time but are now stalled for growth? If your answer is in agreement to these questions, then what you require is an effective technique on how to make a better blog.

how to blog

The answer to the question how to make a better blog is simple; by investing time into developing and maintaining your blog. Even if your blog is functioning well, it is not a guarantee that you will get a lot of traffic or start generating good income out of it. So, the basic idea on how to make a better blog is to make your blog visible and attract footfall.

How to Make a Better Blog

Almost 174 million blogs exist in today’s date and thousands are created on a daily basis. But out of these huge numbers, only a few remain active and just a handful of them gain the kind of attention that every aspiring blogger is craving for. Hence, blogging is not an easy task and a lot of planning is required in deciding on how to make a better blog.

The first and the foremost step towards becoming a successful blogger is to post content that is appropriate as well as valuable. You can post any kind of content-personal, concentrated towards a particular genre or related to a business or organization. However, evaluating content while delving on the question of how to make a better blog, the deal is to service a marketable need which is currently under serviced. This will bring forth better chances of your blog gaining the desired popularity.

The second step while considering how to make a better blog comes in terms of certain basic things like the blogging platform to be used, how often should you post content or will the topics be well planned or instantaneous. All these might look like small things but they can have a major impact on your blog being a success or becoming a complete disaster.

The third step on how to make a better blog relates to drawing the attention of the audience and making them aware that your blog exists. For this, search engine optimization is the key, which will make your blog stand out within all the major search engines. It involves activities like involving internal links, a back link building campaign, keyword research and so on.

Monetization is the next big step when you are considering ways on how to make your blog better. The deal is if you can present your ideas well, why not encash this skill and make some money out of your blog. However, this thing worth remembering in this context is that you need to have a strong reader base if you wish to make money out of what you post.

And finally, your quest towards deciding on how to make a better blog can never be complete without setting up milestones and some reasonable goals so as to ensure the longevity of your blog.

How to Make a Better Blog


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  1. Diana M Fitzgerald
    6 years ago

    Hi Chad, I really enjoyed your article because no matter how long a person has been blogging, there is always room for improvement. As pointed out in step 3, SEO is important and I am working at getting better at it.
    Thanks for the great info!

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