How To Double Your income In 90 Days

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How To Double Your income In 90 Days

What is your intent?

Get to company events….

When I decided to go to my company event….My income doubled!!

All because I took action, I went to work and my team started to build…..

I made the decision to build my business and lead by example….

I wish i would have done this 12 months ago….I wish I would have taken Empower Network more seriously….What would my business look like?

But NOW…..My Intent it to make my income double in the next 90 days.

Can you imagine your income doubling in 90 days?   What would that do for you?

How To Double Your income In 90 Days

fire your boss

Adrian Hines…..New retiree Join Here

I have a friend of mine who quit his job in September……can you imagine walking in to your bosses office and say…I QUIT?

Adrian did….He made a plan….worked his butt off to make it happen and quit his job…

In the last 90 days …HIS INCOME HAS DOUBLED.

It was his birthday last week….he went out to lunch…went to a movie.

Later that night he looked at his emails and saw that he got a email saying…..

You Have a commission $997.  Someone bought the 15K Formula and Adrian got paid….without picking up the phone.  Without calling….with no 3-ways calls with his upline…

He was at the movie, enjoying his birthday.

Talk about time and freedom!


So, the question is not how to double your income in 90 days, but will you do the work to make this happen?

It is not magic that Adrian could walk into his Bosses office and say…”I QUIT”.

When you follow a blue print of success….you can win.   Success leaves clues.

That is why I got all in!  I did not start a home business with the idea that I will try it for a while to see what happens…I started with the intent to make $250K…I said…if people are doing it…I can do it….It will take work.  It will be hard at times…..but I will not quit until it happens.

That was my intent



Here is a Google Hangout with people just like Adrian…..I think it is crazy that people can make so much money from working online from anywhere in the world.


Join Here



Chad 651-330-8032

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