How To Create An Internet Lifestyle

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I want to share something with you that I’ve
been thinking a lot about…
take action
It’s on how to create an “Internet Lifestyle”
and why today’s economy presents the perfect
opportunity for folks to get started.

The biggest thing though is that there are 4
major trends developing… Trends of a global
‘transitioning economy’ and what’s emerging
because of it.

Truthfully, it’s going to take me a couple
emails to get through it all, but I think
it’ll be well worth your time.

See, there are two groups of people in the
world. The first group, looking to create
more wealth, and the second group, looking
to secure or preserve their wealth.

If you are part of the first group, the group
looking to create wealth, there is no better
way to create wealth than with an “Internet
Lifestyle” business. But, time’s a wastin’!

But, don’t take my word, (or 10 years of
research) for it.

Check out this recent quote from Best Selling
author, Professor, and Economist
Paul Zane Pilzer.
Ten million new millionaires will be created
by 2016,

and you can become one of them—especially if
you are in direct selling, technology, or home-based business…

Forget the doomsday naysayers proclaiming the
end of the world… forget the pundits who say
the economy is still in the toilet.

I am not saying that they are wrong at all.

I am just saying that the time is NOW for you
to take action and move towards securing your
family’s financial future.

I am asking you to open your mind and start
to think proactively. If you are successful
in doing so, you will be stunned to know
that there has never been a more lucrative
wealth creation opportunity in the history
of the world.

people call meAnd, while the rest of the world is standing
around with their hand out – you will have
successfully crossed over to the other group.
The group with the wealth, the security
and control of their financial future.

“The only economy that matters is YOURS.
Your personal economy,” says David Bach,
9-time best selling author of the Automatic
Millionaire and 8 other New York Times
Best Sellers.

So, listen up.

If you are one of the millions of people fed
up and tired of working harder and harder
for less and less… rarely seeing your kids,
having time to catch your breath, or invest
any quality time in your family and
relationships, I have something for

If you are sick and tired of being the last
person to get paid, pay close attention. There
is a reason that your taxes and payroll
deductions are removed from your paycheck
before it’s given to you.

There is a reason your employer and the
government pay themselves first. They are
smart, and they know that you will settle
for whatever is left.

They know that if you had to rely on paying
your taxes like entrepreneurs do (once per
quarter) you would end up spending too much
of your money and not have enough left to
pay them. So, they deduct it from what is
rightfully yours so you never even get to
see it!

Did you know that instead of pre-paying
personal income tax, social security,
unemployment, and all of that stuff, you
could be putting 100% of the money in your
checking account, deducting all of the expenses
home-based entrepreneurs get to deduct (mobile,
internet, travel, meals, entertainment, etc)
and then pay a much lower business tax.

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Did you know that the average employee is
making between 20 and 30% of what he/she is
actually worth to the employer?
(Source: “Ruthless Time Management” by Dan Kennedy)

If any of these things bother you just a
little… if you feel your blood begin to boil
and frustration and resentment creep in when
you think about how hard you work, yet how
little you have left over to do the things
you wish, pay close attention.

Over the next few days I am going to be sending
you a series of emails outlining why economist
Paul Zane Pilzer predicts there will be 10
million home-based MILLIONAIRES created by

This is like the gold rush all over again and
I am here to make sure you don’t miss out.
Here’s what we will be covering…

– The 4 massive trends created by the
“transitioning economy” and what you need to
know in order to cash in on them The 10 myths
people have about making money online

– The 6 things you need to know in order create
a sustainable (key word being sustainable)
Internet Lifestyle over the next 24-36 months

– Why you need an already successful mentor
and how to find one (or many)

– The silent killer single-handedly responsible
for the failure of over 50% of all businesses

– How to identify the “false gurus” who are
wolves in sheep’s clothing looking to prey on
your dilemma

– How to find legitimate online business
opportunity with 6-figure first year potential

– How to avoid the pitfalls that cause most
entrepreneurs to fail


Call me …. everyone else does 651-330-8032

I can teach you the same way someone taught ME..

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