How To Build A Home Business Part Time

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How To Build A Home Business Part Time


Here is some advice that I gave to a fellow community member who is a truck driver with very little time in front of a computer, who is struggling with the learning curve of internet marketing…

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————- Currently, you see this business as a new venture that requires a big learning curve in order to have success. Meaning, that you feel that success will come AFTER you have learned all of these new things. And the issue is that all of this stuff can be overwhelming and take a long time to learn, so you end up in a situation where you are not seeing results fast, and it requires a lot of patience and endurance to keep going through the learning curve without making money.






So I recommend viewing this business in a totally different light.

1) You don’t need to know most of this stuff in order to succeed.

For instance, people can make a ton of money with Empower Network without ever building a list, or sending emails, or writing blog posts, or any of that!

Case in Point: Peter Sorensen.

He was able to make money fast in this company (like $40,000+ in 6 months) without learning any of these new skills. He only has like 150 people on his email list that he got from the FB method, and he hasn’t even written a blog post yet! He mostly just focused on talking to people and telling them about the opportunity and seeing if they wanted to join.

He kept it simple.

Literally, he would just call someone or send them a text or email or fb message and see if they were interested in partnering with him in empower network and took it from there.

The vast majority of them turned him down, but he didn’t let that bother him. He just stayed persistant and kept talking to people, and ended up generating $40k+ in the last 6 months!

To this day he still doesn’t understand blogging (no offense peter) and hasn’t even began to consider any kind of paid advertising. He focused on some basic things that he could do to make money. Which was contacting people on facebook, texting people, calling people, and going to networking events to meet people in person. That’s basically been his strategy since day 1, and still his strategy today.

2) Focus on very small goals/tasks initially to prove to yourself you can get some results. Then you can always scale up.

Focus on just recruiting 1 person at the $25 level. Start talking to people while you drive, on a headset, and only when it’s safe of course. Take advantage of that drive-time to do income producing activities rather than just listening to audios.

How To Build A Home Business Part Time

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Make a list of people to call (or figure out a way to get a list of some people to call) and then start making calls. If I were a truck driver, that is how I would build my business.

Keep the business as simple as possible. Your goal is simply to tell people about Empower Network. Create Interest. Edify the team. And tell them you will send them some info.

And then follow up with them.

Yes, this is an internet marketing business, but if I were spending most of my day driving around, I would be on the phone the whole time. Treat this like a traditional direct sales company. You are just calling people, telling them about the business, getting them interested, and then when you get home you can follow up with them and send them links.

Then on your next drive, you can follow up with them by phone and see what questions they have.

Edify the team. Tell them about the leaders here. You don’t have to be the expert. In the beginning you leverage the credibility of others until you have success yourself.

3) Find ways to accomplish your goals WITHOUT the technology learning curve.

Example. Instead of taking so much time to write blog posts (you clearly have limited time in front of a computer) you should spend your time blogging while driving on the road (which you have plenty of time for).

Get a recording device of some kind. And then simply create a list of topics that you are knowledgeable on, and speak into the recorder as if you were writing a blog post. Speak your blog posts!

And then take your recordings and go on and get someone to transcribe them for you (very cheap), and hire someone else on there to post them to your blog and seo optimize them (very cheap).

Talk for about 3-5 minutes per blog post.

You could make a list of 50 topics to speak about into the recorder. Stuff that you already know well so that there is not a big learning curve.

And then on one single long drive, you could record several 5 minute audios, and then when you get in front of your computer, you simply email them to your outsourcing partner from oDesk. It’s a very simple game plan to do something that is currently taking up your very limited time.

So start thinking of what things you can do to create some initial sales. And focus 100% of your empower time on those things. Get a few sales under your belt. And then your confidence will increase because you will realize that you don’t need to be overwhelmed by all this new stuff to learn, and you can start making money right away.

So, in summary:

1) You don’t need to know most of this stuff in order to succeed.

2) Focus on very small goals/tasks initially to prove to yourself you can get some results. Then you can always scale up.

3) Find ways to accomplish your goals WITHOUT the technology learning curve.

You can have success. But you shouldn’t be disappointed along the way. Be happy. Have fun. Even if this business took me a year before I made my first dime, but then I made $10,000/mo every month after, it would have been the best year I ever invested into a business in my life. Right?

That’s why I am never frustrated along the journey. It’s all about a positive mindset and a clear plan to take massive action on 🙂

How To Build A Home Business Part Time

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