How Long Would You Spend Building A Home Business Before You Quit?

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How Long Would You Spend Building A Home Business Before You Quit?


This is a really great question…


  • I think the first thing to better understand is…why do you want to start a home business?
  • What would a home business give you?
  • Are you looking for more money?
  • Or are you looking for more time and freedom that money gives you?

First you need to understand how your product or service will be found by your customers….Right?   You need customers…


How will you market your business?  Will you make a big list of all your friends and family and make 100s of phone calls?

Most people still build a home business this way….


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After spending the last 6+ years online building my brand/business…I have seen many people…(most people) quit their home business.  They quit on their dreams.  They quit because it got a little hard.  They quit because it takes a little work…

I truly believe that most people have not thought about the process before starting a business….they get excited about the long tern outcome….before they understand what it takes to make money with a home business.

Most people spend more time planning their vacation then planning their business.


Have your thought about starting a home business?

Or if you have tried to start a business…did you make any money?


Most people never talk about marketing….all they talk about is the lifestyle…money….right?

Why do most people fail?   97% fail in building any home business….

marketing problems


If so…how will you market your website/products?

Marketing is the only skill you need to learn first…


So, why do most people never talk about it…….


Do you see where I am going with this questions?




So, why do most people do the same thing over and over…and they want different results…why are people so dumb?


So i have a solution….for the 97% failure….

I use a marketing system to get found online…

Customers find my products and services online…because i understand how to get found….

Do you want to learn how I have $1000 days….


I hate to be so blunt with this next statement….


Until you learn how to marketing your website online…you will never make any money….Right?

This is not magic!

How Long Would You Spend Building A Home Business Before You Quit?


Quitting for me was never an option….

I knew if other people were getting paid from the internet…then i can learn how and make money.

That is what i did!

The internet will provide a way for 10 million people to become millionaires over the next 10 years….will you be one of them?


But you need to learn how market online first…


get started today




What Is Pure Leverage

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