How I Got Started On The Internet

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How I Got Started On The Internet


This is my story on how I got started online.  It was not easy…I kept on going…I knew that people were making thousands every month…so why not me?


Marketing is the same for every business….it must be done consistently.

Empower Network Is A Tool

People join people…people do not join business.  Everyone needs help and a road map.  I know I did.

Empower Network is a tool.  A Blogging Tool That Pays 100% commissions….and you can use it to drive traffic to any business.  You can blog about any topic.  You can drive traffic to any website.  It is a great tool for $25/month.

I love tools and systems to help  market all of my products and business opportunities.  Blogging works!  But I love have FUN…Life is short!  Are you having FUN?


I live by 3 principals:

  1. Love Your Family

  2. Work Super Hard…if it was easy then everyone would be doing.

  3. Live Your Passion…Life is to short not to go for it!

Ask yourself this…Is someone doing what you want to do?  Do you think other people have your passion…I do not care what it is…if you want to be a gardener….then be the best gardener out there.  If you want o become a cook….then read some books, go to some classes, practice at home…and all of a sudden you will be a GREAT Cook.  Will it take work….YES…Will you fail…YES?  BUT can it be done?  YES, because someone did it..the only question is…WILL YOU?

The internet Opportunity

I knew someone was making money online…so I knew it could be done….but I had NO idea how or where to start, I started something. I took action!  That is where most people fail.  Or they give up…  Have you given up or started something and never finished?

If I would have quit, my life would still be OK, but I would be working for the “MAN”.  Hating to drive into work everyday.  Doing something I really did not want to do, but I needed that pay check.  I get it!  I was there.

Or maybe you have been laid off. ( talk with people everyday who are this situation).  Maybe you are thinking …I will take a look at this internet thing…  When you had a job, did you wake up every morning eager to go into the job that you lost, if not, why are you looking for a new job in the same industry?  Why don’t you take this time to reinvent yourself???? Try going down a different path.  Try something NEW, because let’s be honest…were you happy and doing what you wanted to do?  Did you have all the time and freedom that you have dreamed about?  Think about it….  This might be the time to make it happen.

I would love to chat, maybe I can help…or maybe I can’t, but we both will not know until we try.  So call me 651-330-8032

To your success!


Here are a few of my Money Making Products and Business:

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